Our beliefs

We believe wellness is about nourishing our bodies from the inside and out, thats why we created a wellness gift box.

Our boxes enable you to sample healthy foods, clean beauty products and supplements that will give you a months worth of overall wellness.

Each month you’ll receive around 10 nourishing products.  Some of the things you might find in a Nu U Box are coconut chips, butters, oils, tea, chocolate, creams, face masks, drinks and more!

Nu U Box is your monthly treat and a reminder to eat clean and take overall care of yourself.

Start your wellness journey with Nu U Box.

FROM NU U BOX Founder TArA -

I have always had a love for natural beauty products and healthy eating. I meditate when I can, practice yoga, run and cycle but as a busy mum of two, I find I often slip back in to bad habits and forget to take time out for myself.

I created a gift box service  out of my passion for wellness.