Wellness secrets from CEO and Founder of All-natural skin care brand, BY Sarah.


This month we featured BY SARAH the all-natural, organic and plant-based skincare range.  We gave our subscribers the chance to sample the much talked about BY SARAH organic facial oil and the response was amazing!  So naturally we wanted to quiz CEO and Founder, Sarah on her wellness tips.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Pre-soaked oats with a medley of sunflowers, flax and chia seeds with a mug of warm water and a slice of fresh lemon. Refreshing way to start the day!

What’s your go to healthy meal?

You can't go wrong for avocado on toast - can't beat if for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Do you have a favourite workout?

Yoga - standing forward bend is my favourite asana.

What Beauty Product couldn’t you live without?

Our Organic Facial Oil of course!

How do you unwind?

I love to run - wild and free in the countryside.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate (it is 80% cocoa though, so not really that naughty - plus, all those antioxidants...).

Top three wellness tips?

Water, water, water - drink lots of it every day. It's very important so it counts for three.

For more info visit -  www.bysarahlondon.com  Instagram: @bysarahlondon

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Wellness secrets from Model and founder of Qnola, Danielle Copperman


If you got your hands on our November box, you would have had the chance to try the yummy and healthy Qnola - made primarily from quinoa, its a grain free, low sugar breakfast.  Danielle Copperman is not only the founder of Qnola, but also a full-time model, qualified nutritionist, food writer and chef.  So we couldn't wait to ask her the 7 wellness questions, everyone is dying to know!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A litre of water upon waking, coriander seed tea and an oat milk flat white to see me through my morning meetings. Some mornings I don't feel hungry enough to have solid food and I had an early lunch appointment at 12 so combined breakfast and lunch then.

What’s your go to healthy meal?

Baked salmon, broccoli, roasted sweet potato and avocado with a tahini dressing or homemade pesto.

Do you have a favourite workout?

Not one, but many. I love yoga and do that most consistently, but also love boxing, HIIT workouts, body weight workouts at the gym, TRX classes, reformer pilates, jump rope and running. It depends on my mood - I love to do something that feels good for my body and will never force myself to go to the gym if I feel too tired or lethargic. For this reason, yoga is usually a constant part of my routine as it is the perfect balance between challenging and calming, and also does wonders for my mental health!

What Beauty Product couldn’t you live without?

A good morning face spritz. I love Holistica's rose spritz, Sanoflore's Botanical Floral Spray, Kahina's toning mist, Urban Decays B6 vitamin spray and also moisturiser. 

How do you unwind?

Yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, reading, watching a series or documentary, cooking, hanging with friends or my boyfriend, making a warm nut milk tonic with ashwaganda and magnesium, lighting an essential oil candle or my favourite smoke-free incense from Bodha, or sometimes I take a moon walk with my friend who lives close by. We take a mug of herbal tea with us and take in the evening whilst sharing the stresses of our days and releasing any troubles.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Since changing my diet and eating more natural foods, my tastes and, thus, cravings have changed. I used to have a dangerous sweet tooth but now it's more or less tamed. I do love ice cream, but find it quite sickly nowadays, and tend to enjoy it at the time, but not so much afterwards. I do love a good sourdough pizza too, from time to time.

Top three wellness tips?

1: Move daily - even if it's just walking or stretching.

2: Drink lots of water - I underestimated the importance of this until recently and whilst I always noticed drinking lots of water did wonders for my skin, but having 2 glasses (up to 1 litre) upon waking on an empty stomach has had amazing benefits for my digestion and regularity. 

3: Think positive thoughts and spread positive energy in all that you do. It will attract more positive opportunities and occurrences into your life (plus, it just makes you a more compassionate, considerate person).

For more info on Qnola and Danielle Copperman please visit - 

www.qnola.com  Instagram: @qnola @dcopperman



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In the November box we literally had breakfast sorted with Qnola and Good Hemp milk. For your beauty needs we had the amazing tried and tested face Moringa oil from Ooh! and the wonderful organic rose face water from Balm Balm, to keep you fresh and glowing all month. We gave you some energy from Pulsin delicious Maca brownie bars and treated you with a little organic chocolate from Love Cocoa.  Dr Organics peppermint tea and Captain Kombucha kept your tummies health, while Porshn revitalised you with their super planet based berry powders.

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6 Nutrients for Healthy Hair

6 Nutrients for Healthy Hair

1. Protein

As the hair is made up of protein, a diet rich in protein foods like fish, poultry, beef, lentils, nuts, seeds, legumes will keep your hair thick and healthy.

2. Iron

The hair follicle and root are fed by a nutrient rich blood supply.  When Iron levels are low it can contribute to hair loss.  Keep your iron levels high with red meat, chicken, fish and leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale.